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  • The general role of the district Foster Care Point of Contact is to facilitate district compliance with state and federal laws as they relate to children and youth in foster care, and to collaborate with the NC DSS in an effort to address educational barriers that prevent children and youth in foster care from being identified, being enrolled, attending, and succeeding in school. 

    In an effort to fulfill these responsibilities in our district, the Foster Care POC position serves as the primary point of engagement with Rowan-Salisbury Schools regarding students in DSS custody. DSS and RSS Social Workers/school staff should contact the Foster Care POC whenever there is a need to

    • Schedule Best Interest Determination Meetings, 
    • Provide notification of change of placement, 
    • Discuss immediate enrollment, 
    • Request transportation, 
    • Invite the appropriate RSS representatives for the Child Welfare Child and Family Team/Best Interest Determination meetings. 

    The Foster Care POC is available to DSS and RSS employees to discuss educational needs and the overall well-being of students in foster care.