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Human Services Academy

The Human Services Academy of East Rowan will immerse students in classes designed to educate and prepare students for a multitude of careers in the human services industry, which is rapidly growing and positive projected career growth for the next ten years. Students will leave prepared and ready for their next steps, whether it be enrollment or employment. Focus career pathway areas for the Human Services Academy include Teaching as a Profession, Early Childhood Development, Counseling and Mental Health, Foods and Nutrition, and Culinary and Hospitality.


Mission & Vision:

It is the mission of the Human Services Academy of East Rowan High School to prepare students for careers in human services while providing work-based learning experiences in preparation for post-secondary education and the workforce. It is our vision to create an internal pipeline for Rowan-Salisbury Schools for educators and provide a preschool setting for our employees.


Our Purpose:

· To provide students in Rowan-Salisbury Schools an opportunity for in-depth study in human services.

· To provide students an opportunity to build stronger, more comprehensive workplace skills.

· To enhance the connection between the high school courses and our certifications and credentials for the workplace in the human services areas.



Advanced Studies

Apparel & Textile Production I & II

Child Development

Counseling and Mental Health I & II

CTE Apprenticeships & Internships

Culinary Arts I, II & III

Early Childhood Development I & II

Food & Nutrition

Food Science & Technology

Interior Design Fundamentals

Interior Design Studio

Teaching as a Profession I & II


Student Benefits:

· Opportunities to earn multiple industry certifications.

· Opportunities to earn NC community college credit and high school credit simultaneously.

· Opportunities to participate in work-based and other service-learning experiences.

· Opportunities to participate in field trips, partnerships with colleges and local businesses.


How can I apply:

Any student may apply to the Human Services Academy of East Rowan High School regardless of their current district.

For more information about joining our academy, you should meet with a guidance counselor to determine if our academy aligns with your goals for high school and beyond.