Students must follow the county uniform policy set by the Board of Education.


    The board believes that the dress and personal appearance of students greatly affect their academic performance and their interaction with other students. The board requests that parents outfit their children in clothing that is conducive to learning. Generally, dress and grooming standards as determined by the student and his or her parents will be deemed acceptable. However, the board prohibits any appearance or clothing that does the following:

    1. violates a reasonable dress code adopted and publicized by the school;
    2. is substantially disruptive;
    3. is provocative or obscene; or
    4. endangers the health or safety of the student or others.

    Before being punished, a student who is not in compliance with this policy or a school dress code will be given a reasonable period of time to make adjustments so that he or she will be in compliance. Disciplinary consequences for a student who fails to comply after being offered this opportunity shall be consistent with Section D of policy 4300, Student Behavior Policies. The superintendent or designee shall list in the Code of Student Conduct the specific range of consequences that may be imposed on a student for violation of the dress code.

    Legal References:  G.S. 115C-47-390.2

    Cross References: Student Behavior Policies (policy 4300), School Plan for Management of Student Behavior (policy 4302), Disruptive Behavior (policy 4315)

    Adopted: 1/26/15